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Art in Review: 'A Poem for Francis Beans Boyfriend' by Casey McGlynn at the Bugera Matheson Gallery

With over 48 solo shows across Canada, the United States and Holland, to say Casey McGlynn has earned his spot as a prominent Canadian artist would be selling him short. There is a fantastic story about how Casey really got his start, having been a successful musician he was invited to show some of his work at a local cafe while he was still a student at the Ontario School of Art and Design. Respected art collector Popsy Johnstone happened to be dining at the cafe and fell in love with McGylnn's work acquiring his piece 'Sheep with Big Arse' and initiating a media frenzy that resulted in a Globe & Mail feature and being signed to prominent Toronto gallery Bau-Xi - not a bad way to kick-start ones career!

McGlynn's most recent collection inspired by the legendary Kurt Cobain, explores themes of isolation, loneliness, and what really is 'good music', what makes a legend? Digging back in his own archives of work, McGlynn repurposed journal entries, drawings and musing from the day Kurt Cobain died, incorporating them craftily into his works. The result is a collection that is full of stories, captured moments and references to pop-culture and how it has shifted and changed over the last decade. Admittedly, McGlynn says, this collection took him quite a while to put together, but that he enjoyed not be restricted to a timeline and being able to let his creativity dictate his process. 

Being part of the Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto, gives McGlynn exposure to their other galleries in Vancouver and Seattle, but he also enjoys a wonderful relationship with Edmonton's Bugera Matheson Gallery, and its principal dealer, Angela. Angela is known for her keen eye and for bringing in artists with a unique perspective such as abstract artist Scott Plear, and Chilean born sculptor Rogelio Menz. 

McGlynn's show is one you will be want to be sure to see, it runs at the Bugera Matheson Gallery (10345 124 Street Edmonton, AB) through till November 20th. 

For more information on Casey McGlynn's work or about the Bugera Matheson Gallery, you can contact Angela at 780-482-2854 or visit them online at