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Countdown to Christmas - 10 of Our Favourite Works

Football 11 by Riki Kuropatwa

With 10 days left until Christmas, we thought we would count down 10 of our favourite works from this year. It was hard to come up with a list of only 10, as there are MANY works that we loved from this year, but decisions have been made. 

Kicking off the top 10, is Riki Kuropatwa's work, 'Football 11'. This is from Kuropatwa's ongoing series that has used football and roller derby as metaphors for the physicality and closeness being explored in her works. 

This work in particular is a favourite due to it's monochromatic colour scheme, use of underdrawing, and it's sense of fluidity and motion. 

You can check out Kuropatwa's current exhibition at the Harcourt House gallery in Edmonton, AB until January 22nd, 2016.