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The Royal Alberta Museum 48 Hour Goodbye Party

Goodbye, hello. It is with mixed emotions for many that the Royal Alberta Museum will close its doors this coming weekend for nearly 2 full years before reopening in their 375.5 million new downtown Edmonton location.

The existing museum was originally conceived in 1950 as part of the Federal Government's Memorial Centennial Program, but really took shape in 1962 when Raymond Harrison was given 5 million dollars by the Government of Alberta, and tasked with making it a reality. The museum opened as the Provincial Museum of Alberta in 1967, and in 2005 changed its name to the Royal Alberta Museum after being visited by Queen Elizabeth, II, who bestowed royal patronage.

The 48 Hour Goodbye Party is themed for every year the museum has been open, and will begin on Friday December 4th at 5pm and run until Sunday December 6th at 5pm when the museum will officially close until it reopens in late 2017/early 2018 in the new downtown location. 

The party will feature around the clock exhibits, live performances, dancing, movies, pop-up shops, and a special exhibit about the museums history. Admission to the party is free, with the goal of encouraging as many people as possible to come and enjoy the space one last time. 

For more information on the Royal Alberta Museum, the 48 Hour Goodbye Party, or their new location, please visit