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Accessible Art?

Back in March of this year, Sotheby's and eBay jointly announced the launch of Sotheby's live streaming auctions on eBay. The first of which was held on April 1st, 2015 and utilized eBay's new live auction platform. This new bidding experience allows sophisticated collectors the ease of bidding from anywhere, while also opening up to a new market of novice buyers whom otherwise may not be able to participate. 

Ultimately, the goal here is to educate art neophytes through the use of videos, stories and images while introducing them to art as a lifestyle, as opposed to just art as something to be acquired.

Sotheby's and eBay certainly aren't the only companies to utilize a live online auction, but they are the biggest players to do so; particularly given the credibility each brand has in the marketplace. It is also important to note that for both companies this collaboration goes beyond making a sale. For Sotheby's the opportunity to reach a new demographic and attract new buyers to the art market is key, while also providing an opportunity for learning about certain periods of art history and the relevance of those periods in today's market. For eBay, this not only opens up an entirely new platform, it also allows them to capitalize on the increased traffic and draw of having the world's most renowned art auction company as a partner.

If you're looking for your next chance to participate in the Sotheby's/eBay experience, you're in luck, the next live auction is scheduled for Wednesday July 22, 2015. The theme of the auction is 'Contemporary Living' and focuses on art, photographs, furniture and other iconography of the contemporary art movement. To register for the auction or to preview the items, visit Sotheby's and eBay.