The Art Perspective blog is a collection of thoughts, musings, and reflections on art, artists, and current happenings in the art world. 


welcome to art perspective. our blog is reflective of our passion and love of art. through the ongoing development of this endeavour we hope to bring you stories about artists, introductions to the work of artists, information about shows or gallery openings, as well as how art is being portrayed in pop culture.

some people think art is stuffy. only for the privileged few who can afford hefty price tags for artists who have long since departed this world; and while that isn't entirely untrue, it is certainly not reflective of the greater art community and the current ways in which art impacts our daily lives.

from music, to sculptures, to public art. we experience art in our daily lives in so many ways. it is our sincere hope that our perspective will inform, entertain and perhaps even educate some on the always changing world of art.