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Behind the Canvas: Johnny Taylor

It hasn't always been easy for Vancouver based artist Johnny Taylor to pursue his love of art. In fact, he wouldn't say it is easy today; he will however tell you how passionate he is about his work, and that he paints for himself. After acquiring one of his works back in 2012, we have been following Johnny's progression, from a small studio in one of the worst parts of Vancouver, to being shown in galleries in some of the largest art markets in North America. We are proud to represent Johnny as one of the talented artists on our roster, and with his current residency in the Chiyoda art district of Tokyo, he's just getting started. 

AP. Who is Johnny Taylor? What is your background?
JT. I grew up in the splendour of Naramata, BC riding my BMX everywhere like a warhorse, and playing ninjas with my friends. In my youth I was inspired by comic books, sports, and my Grandfather, a great painter, and a great man. I think of myself as blessed, rather than proud. I don’t feel that I’ve achieved much...yet. I can do a human flag though, and that took some work. I guess I’m still playing ninjas.

AP. How would you describe the type of art you create?
JT. I feel that I am an expressive, visceral, decisive painter on the surface; a closer look reveals my zen undercurrent. My work is contemporary in composition, form, and colour initiating from the abstraction of modern architecture, and its mechanisms. This merges with organic elements and a minimalist sensibility from my study of ancient asian painting. I play in the middle ground of these two influences creating an open ended environment for the viewer to define.

AP. What project(s) are you working on currently?
JT. I have just taken residency at the amazing 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo. I will have a chance to integrate in the art scene here and create with other international and local artists in a shared open studio. If that wasn’t enough of a good time, there is an arts festival in the neighbourhood this fall and we as artists are able to use empty buildings as pop­-up gallery spaces for collaborations and installations. So pretty much a dream come true.

AP. Where can people find your art? How can they purchase a work?
JT. Talk to my agent.

AP. Who is your favourite creative person? Why?
JT. Bruce Lee. Originality, passion, drive, grace, strength, humour, wit, positivity, personality wisdom, humanity. Am I describing a great artist? Possibly the greatest. The true art is living. He taught me to stay grounded as you reach for the stars, and he was one stylish dude.

AP. What is your favourite album of all time?
JT. Mercury Rev­,  'Deserter's songs'

AP. If you didn’t have to work what would you do with your time?
JT. Not much different. Travel more, spend more time with my niece.

AP. What is your favourite journey?
JT. Self transformation.

AP. Do you have a favourite piece you have personally created? What is it?
JT. 'India’s Blossoms', 2005

AP. What are your thoughts on the influence of fashion and music on visual arts?
JT. It’s all wonderfully linked.

AP. Who is your favourite author?
JT. Rushdie, Carver, Bukowski

AP. Where do you go for inspiration?
JT. Everywhere, Nowhere.

AP. What is your favourite colour?
JT. R&F, Payne's Grey

AP. What is the one thing you want to share with everyone reading this?
JT. Every day, once a day , give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it..just let it happen. 

For more of Johnny's available works or purchase inquires please contact us.