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Current Obsession: Marcel Barbeau

At 90 years old, Marcel Barbeau needs no introduction. Born in Montreal in 1925, he has witnessed incredible changes in the art world over his lifetime. With countless accolades and awards to his credit, Barbeau was a founding member of Les Automatistes, a catalytic group of Québecois artists credited with literally revolutionizing the art scene in the province of Quebec during the 1940's.

I love his bold use of colour, shape and perspective to give his pieces dimension and character. While visiting one of our favourite galleries in Calgary, TrépanierBaer, I was able to see some of Barbeau's works in person, which were spectacular.

With new talent emerging all the time it is important to respect the early pioneers who inspired today's generation. Gentlemen like Mr. Barbeau will not be with us forever, and there is still a lot that can be learned from these masters.