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Art In Review: Nuit Blanche YEG

Edmonton's Nuit Blanche event happened over the weekend, drawing in thousands to partake in the all night art event. This is the first time the international art event has been held in Edmonton, and the organizers did not disappoint attracting world class artists and creating many interactive displays and ways for people to connect with the art. 

From the spectacularly lit up Churchill Square with Yoko Ono's 'Wishing Tree' project, to an overhead pedway filled with balloons, the event took visitors on a journey throughout the downtown core, making good use of physical space, both indoors and out. Many attractions drew line-ups in excess of an hour wait time, in particular Theatre YES' exhibit 'National Elevator Project Sweden' as well as Amelia Scott and Joel Adria's 'Flora: Digital Greenhouse'.

It can often be difficult to measure the success of an event like Nuit Blanche, with no formal ticketing sytem, or entrance, attendance can be a hard number to ascertain, as can guest experience. In this case it was clear that Edmonton did what it always does, it supported it's arts community in a big way. While many may not engage with contemporary art regularly, for one night, the art neophytes, the art collectors, the clueless and the clued in, all came together and that made more than just Yoko proud.