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Top 25 Canadian Artists to Watch in 2016

Over the last year we have had the opportunity to review artists from all across Canada. As we begin 2016, we have compiled our list of the top 25 Canadian artists to watch this year:

25) John Abrams (Toronto, ON)
24) Will Rafuse (Calgary, AB)
23) Ralph Allen (Kingston, ON)
22) Michelle Neumann (Edmonton, AB)
21) Danny Singer (Vancouver, BC)
20) Riki Kuropatwa (Edmonton, AB)
19) Jake Boone (Toronto, ON)
18) Glenn Payan (Vancouver, BC)
17) Douglas Coupland (Calgary, AB/Vancouver, BC)
16) Casey McGlynn (Toronto, ON)
15) Jim Corrigan (Edmonton, AB)
14) Monica Tap (Toronto, ON)
13) Paul Bernhardt (Edmonton, AB)
12) Andrew Stelmack (Toronto, ON)
11) Scott Cumberland (Edmonton, AB)
10) Daniel Toumine (Edmonton, AB)
9) Ross Penhall (Vancouver, BC)
8) Michael Abraham (Vancouver, BC)
7) Scott Plear (Vancouver, BC)
6) Rad Hourani (Montreal, QC)
5) Ally McIntyre (Edmonton, AB)
4) Tony Baker (Edmonton, AB)
3) Allan Bailey (St. Albert, AB)
2) Jonathan Forrest (Vancouver, BC)
1) Johnny Taylor (Vancouver, BC)

If you think we missed an artist who should be on our list, let us know in the comments below. We look forward to featuring many of these artists over the coming months. For additional information on how to contact these artists or who represents them please contact us.