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Bearclaw Gallery's Continuing Legacy & the Importance of Art

Founded in 1975, as First Nations art was really starting to emerge in Canada, the Bearclaw Gallery has been the preeminent Canadian gallery supporting and showcasing First Nations and Inuit art. Over the last several decades the gallery has made significant contributions to the ongoing promotion and development of First Nations art.

It should also come as no surprise, that the visionary behind the gallery all of those years ago was Agnes Bugera, whom has been a leading gallerist in Edmonton for decades. Proving art does indeed run in the family, the Bearclaw Gallery is now run by Bugera's daughter Jackie, who is continuing the proud legacy set forth by her mother. 

When Trudeau's office set forth to find the perfect gift to represent Canada, they contact the Bearclaw Gallery and inquired about numerous works, eventually acquiring one of Cree artist, Leo Arcand's soapstone carvings entitled 'Courage' as the perfect gift for the Obama's during the Trudeau's state visit to Washington, DC this week.

There are few gifts that can be as impactful as receiving a work of art. Particularly when we think about the cultural relevance, the work of the artist, and of course the meaning behind the work. Few gifts can continue to be appreciated long after they are given, and evoke new emotions and discovery the more time you spend with them. Art truly does have that power and that impact. When people ask me about art as an investment, I will be the first to tell them that it is one of the few investments that will appreciate over time if you have purchased original work from a recognized artist, but the real investment is in your own edification about art, and the story of the artist and their journey. Art is meant to be experienced, and much like music, creates and enhances the fabric of our lives every day. So next time you are thinking about what the perfect gift might be for that special someone in your life, follow the lead of our Prime Minister and think about giving a work of art.