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The 15 Best Buys Under $10K

It can be overwhelming to know where to begin when collecting art. With so many talented artists, it often comes down to finding an artist or artists, whose style, approach and technique you like and appreciate. It also doesn't hurt to have some works who are destined to hold their value if not increase over time. With that in mind, we have curated a list of our top 15 best buys currently under $10K.

1) 'Flora (Snipper, Snapper)' by Michael Abraham - Abraham's works continue to appreciate in value. This gem from his 2011 collection, shows the edgy, playfulness Abraham so adeptly uses in his works to draw audiences in. With new works currently in creation, and an upcoming fall show, Abraham remains one of Canada's top artists to watch. His work can be found in the private collections of numerous notable celebrities, as well as in the permanent collection of galleries and museums across North America.

2) 'Alone' by Allan Bailey - Bailey is an up and coming photographer based in St. Albert, Alberta. He was named Alberta Photographic Artist of the Year for 2015 by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and has a long list of accolades to his credit. 'Alone' from Bailey's 2015 collection shot entirely on his iPhone 6, shows his depth and diversity as a photographer. With his first solo exhibition coming this June, Bailey's works are ones to get your hands on now, before the prices increase with his increasing profile and talent.

3) 'Still Life Morning Life' by Les Graff - At 80 years old, Les Graff has said he will continue his journey as an artist until he can "no longer drag his ass into his studio". Graff's career has been a expansive one over 60 years, to be able to acquire one of his works for under $10K at this stage in his career is rare. You will definitely not want to pass on this one.

4) '22 Horses Deep' by Casey McGlynn - While still a student at Ontario's School for Art and Design McGlynn was invited to show his work at a small restaurant. The restaurant owner saw the work, and complained that he couldn't have this "junk" on his walls. Meanwhile patrons of the restaurant fell in love with the work, asking for prices, which prompted the owner to change his mind and demand a cut of all sales. McGlynn's career took off when famed art collector, Popsy Johnstone bought one of his works, catapulting him to representation at Bau-Xi, the youngest artist ever to be signed to their permanent roster.

5) 'Peek a Blue' by Pascale Ouellet - Since moving to Alberta in 2002, Ouellet has been heavily influenced by the province and her surroundings. She has had numerous successful solo shows and continues to be popular amongst collectors. 

6) 'Wiggle Room' by Alex Peck-Whyte - Peck-Whyte graduated from the University of Alberta in 2007 and continues to hone her craft as a artist. Her works remain intriguing and she explores shape and dimension. If you are looking for an artist early in their career to follow, Peck-Whyte should be amongst the top of your list!

7) 'Beast in the Rough' by Scott Plear - Plear remains amongst the most celebrated of Canadian artists. With his RCA status, he is recognized for his achievements in the arts and has given back as an instructor, contributor, and mentor to many in the art world. Plear's works are distinctive and rare to get for such a solid price. 

8) 'Reflections' by Andrew Stelmack - Stelmack is a rare triple threat, he can sing, act and paint! An accomplished theatre professional, Stelmack has successfully transitioned into a solid visual artist. His works can be found in galleries across Ontario, and his is represented by Art Perspective in other markets across North America. Stelmack continues to refine his craft and his current price point reflects the value of an artist who is really coming into his own. 

9) 'Trio Concertino' by Ernestine Tahedl - Tahedl is a well respected international artist. Invited to the RCA in 1977, she was one of the youngest members to ever be invited. Her work can be found in public, private and corporate collections across Canada, United States of America, France, Switzerland, Austria, and Japan. 

10) 'Nakameguro' by Johnny Taylor - Taylor continues to push the boundaries on his technique and style. After spending several months last year on a residency in the Chiyoda art district in Tokyo, Taylor is working on a new collection that will debut in June of this year at the Bugera Matheson Gallery. Taylor's bold brush strokes, and eye for architecture and design gives his work depth. From his early days painting in East Hastings, in Vancouver - Taylor keeps learning and evolving. With galleries in Chicago and LA consistently interested, Taylor is one to watch.

11) 'Agoura Hills' by Michael Thiessen - Born in Dawson's Creek, BC, Thiessen grew up in Vancouver and often explores themes of travel in his works. He is mentored by another artist on our list, Scott Plear. Thiessen is early in his career but his works continue to garner a lot of interest. 

12) 'Ernie's Horses' by Curtis Trent - Edmonton based photographer Curtis Trent is known for his extensive commercial work and an impressive client list that includes clients from all over Canada, and the US. This work from his most recent show, Detour, follows Trent across the Saskatchewan prairies and small towns exploring life. His work is often compared to another celebrated Alberta photography, Danny Singer.

13) 'Storming West of Vulcan' by Jim Visser - Visser's works can be found in corporate and private collections all across Canada. From special commissioned works for the Kay Centre at the University of Alberta hospital to solo exhibitions in Edmonton, Red Deer and Stony Plain. Visser has a new show that opens April 8th in Edmonton, at the Bugera Matheson Gallery. 

14) 'Shore Leave' by Jonathan Forrest - Forrest made our list earlier this year of the top 25 artists to watch, so it should be no surprise we would feature one of his works on our best buys list for March. Forrest's use of colour, texture and space continue to pull us in and his representation across western Canada remains strong. We suggest seriously looking into adding one of his works to your collection, while they are still at such a great price point!

15) 'Full Save One' by Cole Morgan - Morgan born in New York, lives and works in Belgium. He is represented by galleries in Belgium, the Netherlands, San Francisco as well as in Vancouver, Canada. His use of texture and mixed media creates intrigue in his work. His works have consistently been going up in value each year. If you are looking for a sound investment, Morgan's works fit the bill.

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