The Art Perspective blog is a collection of thoughts, musings, and reflections on art, artists, and current happenings in the art world. 

ART. political. rebellious. necessary.

Art and politics have always had a strong relationship. Art reflects back to the electorate their choice in leader, or rebels against authoritarian or corrupt regimes. Art has always been an effective tool for social change, and as we begin 2017, now 7 days away from inauguration day in the United States, it seems that art is needed now, perhaps more than ever before in our recent history.

Art can be a powerful tool in ones freedom of expression, it can open dialogues and discussions about what is happening in the world around us, and art also serves to document and record cultural shifts and attitudes of the time. It is through those various lenses that we as consumers of art, collectors of art and patrons of art must emphatically continue to support it's creation.

After spending a year as a partner in a local gallery, it was clear the need for people to want to view art, to be exposed to various types of art and artists, but the decision to actually support art, by making a purchase often escaped people. I would hear comments like "just looking", or "we are looking for something to match our new living room, or go above our couch". Those words almost certainly resulted in my palm smacking my forehead. You don't need art that matches your furniture, that isn't art, that is decor. Some mass produced image on a canvas from IKEA or Bed Bath & Beyond. That isn't art. And the purpose of art isn't to decorate. It is to challenge you. To make you think. To make you feel. To engage you, to draw you in. Art is something to be experienced and to enrich your life and challenge how you view the world, not something that coordinates with your sofa!

Despite art being the most consistent, return on investment, year after year, averaging approximately 10.9% in returns, it still seems to be a challenge for people. Well for 2017, this is our challenge to you. Go out and buy REAL art. If you don't know where to start, contact us. If you think you can't afford it, contact us. Just make a commitment to buy something REAL. From an actual artist, whose life, and whose story you can be a part of. 

Be a rebel. Buy art.