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Arsenal Gallery to Open in New York

Canadian arts philanthropist, and owner of the Arsenal galleries, as well as their counter-parts, the for-profit, Division galleries, Pierre Trahan is opening an Arsenal gallery in New York. Set to open February 22, 2017 at 214 Bowery, the space was previously occupied by Dave Hoyland's Seventeen gallery from London, UK. In fact, Seventeen's expansion to New York was being funded by Trahan, until earlier this year, when the two had a disagreement, resulting in the Seventeen gallery eviction, and the plans for Arsenal moving ahead.

This will be the third location for the Arsenal gallery, having a 6,000sqft space in Toronto, as well as a 50,000sqft space in Montreal. According to the Aresenal website, the New York space will continue to show curatorial projects with emerging and established artists across multiple disciplines.

Trahan's decision to move into the New York market could signal a large opportunity for Canadian artists already affiliated with the gallery, as well as potential new artists as well. It is increasingly important for Canada to establish itself as a player in the international art market, and a strong Canadian backed gallery moving into New York is a big deal for that reason alone.

We look forward to the Arsenal's New York opening on the 22nd, and to see if this trend and strength from Canadian galleries is sustainable south of the border.